Bucharest Half a day Tour

Half a Day Tour

Tour Highlights

  • Visit the “Old City” through a deep historical perspective
  • See the Gypsy Neighborhood
  • Enjoy a visit back in time in a communist neighborhood
  • See the second biggest building in the world
  • Enjoy Victoria Boulevard with its monumental buildings and places

Tour Overview

Discover Bucharest in the easiest possible way! Biking will allow you to extend the visiting perimeter and you will get a slice from each side of Bucharest: Gypsy neighborhood, communist Bucharest, Old City and other hidden uncommon attractions!

Tour Detailed Description

The tour will start in the Old City center with a story about the birth of the City and the birth of the Romanian civilization. You will visit 5 to 6 highlights that will help imagine and understand how the city grew up. After you will cross a major boulevard and you will get back into the Old City. During communist period Old City of Bucharest was decimated and split by grandiose urban projects. Today is one of the poorest areas in Bucharest and it’s mostly inhabited by gypsies.

Forward you will make an incursion into the communist part of Bucharest with its monumental Parliament Palace (The People’s House). After finding out how the people were living under Ceasescu’s regime you will pass back to the 19th and 20th century Bucharest, the golden ages of its existence. You will discover a lot of places and their stories from the period when Bucharest was called Little Paris.

What’s included

  • Extremely funny and knowledgeable guide
  • Bikes and lockers

Duration 4 hours

For minimum 4 person groups you can choose your starting hour

€  35 Euro/person