Bucharest Communism: From Lenin to Ceausescu

Tour overview

Discover the philosophers that shaped the communist ideology and find out how it was first implemented in Russia and then Eastern Europe. Learn about Ceausescu and life in communist Romania.

  • Socialist Victory Boulevard
  • The people’s Palace
  • Translated Churches
  • The old Parliament
  • Th dancing fountains
  • The Old City Center
  • University Square
  • The winter Royal Palace
  • Romanian Athenaeum
  • Revolution Square

Product description

   Immerse into the middle of the Socialist Victory boulevard, the starting point of the tour and the last megalomaniac communist project.
   Discover the Chamber of Deputies Palace and how the society was shaped before communist ruling.
Learn about Ceausescu’s poor background and his rise to power. Ceausescu’s regime is considered to be the most oppressive communist regime in the Eastern Bloc, very similar to the Kim dynasty in North Korea, which made his rule in Romania like no other.
   Find out about the life in communism, from food rationing to the secret police.
   Last point will be the Revolution Square where a group of agitators plotted the end of Ceausescu’s Regime.

What’s included

  • Local guide

Duration 2 – 2.5 hours

Starts every day at 02:00 pm

€ 16 Euro/person