Private Events

If you thought about coming to Bucharest with a group of friends and you don’t want to waste your time organizing and booking restaurants, clubs and other activities, then our team is the best solution for that.

From the moment you step onto Romanian soil till the moment you go back to the security check our staff will take care of you.

What we can do:

  1. Airport transfers – Yes
  2. Walking from the airport to your hotel – No
  3. Restaurant bookings and recommendations – Yes
  4.  McDonald’s, KFC and other fast food bookings – No
  5. Beer bike tours, karting, paintball, aqua parks, shooting polygon – Yes
  6. Fishing trips, board games, shopping sessions and bird spotting – No
  7. Bars, Clubs and Night Clubs, Limousine – Yes
  8. Bed time stories, night photography lessons, tee parties and opera concerts – No

If you obtain a 4 points score after completing the form above you are qualified to receive a full time concierge that will be at your disposal to sort out every detail of your three days and three nights fairy tail party.